Raju was brought to the Home in June 2014 by some local boys who found him crying in the Tuni market.

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He had no idea where he was and was terrified. His parents were dead. He was a homeless beggar from Hyderabad who had hidden on a train with some other older boys for the 14-hour journey. The staff reckoned that he was just seven years old.

Dr. Sowmya suspected he was unwell and found after testing that he was HIV positive. Immediately she started administering the anti-retroviral drug regime and he rallied, settling into the Home comfortably. Everyone looked out for him and he made many new friends. Then at the end of July he suddenly died in his sleep. His loss was a devastating blow. The one consolation was that in his last days he was loved and cared for.

With earlier intervention Raju could have received the medication he so desperately needed  and survived. Please help SLA help children like Raju before it is too late.

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