10th Class Results 2014

June 20, 2014

We are thrilled to report that 49 out of 50 children at the Tuni Home passed their 10th Class exams in 2014, a 98% pass rate.

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The pupil who did not pass only failed on one of her subjects which our Indian Partners are confident she will pass in her re-sit exam. We wish her luck.

The overall result is extraordinary given that this year, due to the recent government ruling requiring all children to be in their age appropriate year regardless of the amount of education they have received, 11 of the children had to miss a full academic year moving up from Class 8 to Class 10.

In the Indian educational system the Class 10 Examinations are the absolutely critical set of examinations during a child’s schooling. Pass these exams, and you are admitted to ‘intermediate college’ for two years, the gateway to higher education or a good job. Fail them and you are classed as illiterate. You won’t be able to get a bank loan to start a business or buy a house, and your job options will be extremely limited.

The results gained in Class 10 are generally accepted across India to be the best measure of the quality of a school. Thus we are once again thrilled and so proud of the children at the Home and of our Indian Partners for achieving these incredible results.

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