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SLA currently partner with 3 different Indian partners and support three projects.

The Light of Love Children’s Home and School, which we have supported since 2000, remains our original and primary project. SLA is the core funder and this project currently receives approximately 75% of all SLA funding.

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SLA’s Board has recognized the expertise and knowledge which has been developed in the charity over the years and it wanted supports to invest these in a new objective to expand its support to even more vulnerable children in India.

Our first step in realising this objective was to identify and fund two very different projects for a period of three years.  Therefore in October 2016, we entered into a partnership with two Indian non-profit organisations in Telangana and plan to support these new projects for the trial period of three years. Both new projects care for girls; each provide different ways of supporting disadvantaged children. There is not an ongoing financial commitment beyond this; towards the end of the period we will evaluate the most effective way to invest future donors’ funds and any additional funds generated by the Social Enterprise Project.

ASRITHA Rainbow Home rescues street-children, who have been living in the most vulnerable of conditions, and helps them into a new life in residential care. Our funding will support caring for and educating 100 girls in a safe and caring environment.

VOICE 4 Girls seeks to break the cycle of poverty by providing mentorship and empowerment training to vulnerable girls in education, to encourage them to remain in education and resist early marriage, childbirth and child labour. Our funding with VOICE 4 Girls will help 6000 girls in 30 schools.

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