Light of Love Home and School

The Light of Love Home and School is SLA's principal project, now caring for 520 children. Located in the rural market town of Tuni, the home is run by our Indian partner Dr. Premdas and his staff. The day-to-day operations of the home are principally the responsibility of Dr. Premdas' son, Sony who is the Director of the Home and School, and his wife Sowyma, a qualified doctor.

In 1999, the Edinburgh youth group QII visited the small market town of Tuni to help build the Light of Love Home. The group had raised £28,000 towards the project and the money was used to construct the foundations and first floor of the home.

light of love home

With no toilets, showers, beds or classroom equipment it was a rudimentary start but still represented a giant leap forward. Previously, the 120 children had taken shelter in two unused buildings next to Dr. Premdas' offices and ate their meals outside.

Since then the campus, and the number of children, has expanded remarkably quickly, a cause for celebration but also a sobering reflection of the endless demand for shelter and refuge.

The Tuni campus infrastructure now comprises:

A two-story main building that provides sleeping and study space for the girls

Two similar buildings that house the boys

A two story school building containing over a dozen classrooms

Toilet and shower blocks for the boys and the girls

A separate dining hall and kitchen where the children eat together

The Kanthi Sewing Centre where the children learn tailoring skills

A well that provides much-needed clean water

A protective wall between a new six-lane highway and our campus

Lighting between the main campus and the boys' dormitories