Kamala was born in 2002. She lived in a remote village in terrible circumstances.

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Her family had nothing. The only way of making money was to cut wild grass on the road edge and try to sell it to farmers for animal food. If no-one bought the grass there was no money for food.

The family lived in a shelter made only from mud and grass. Five years ago, after very heavy rainfall the roof collapsed and Kamala’s mother was killed. The family were then forced to live rough on the roadside. A nurse from the Home was told their story and she went to find Kamala and brought her to the Home.

When Kamala arrived she did not have much language and could barely communicate. However, it was clear that she understood everything and now, after four years, she is almost top of the class. She clearly loves her teacher who has really encouraged her and built up her confidence and she also has a small group of friends with whom she plays happily.

If she had remained living rough her future would have been very different. Now she has people who care for her and a chance of living a life with choices.

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