Salmanraju contracted polio as a boy, suffering severe scoliosis and losing leg power until he could only move about on all fours, crab-like.

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With four other children to support on a rickshaw driver’s earnings, Salmanraju’s parents appealed to the Tuni Home. He was brought to the Home aged 9 with his little brother.

In 2005, SLA arranged for Salmanraju to have corrective surgery to his legs in Mumbai. With intensive physiotherapy and extraordinary hard work in the face of excruciating pain, he was walking with crutches within six months. He can now stand and walk unaided.

An inspiration to all, Salmanraju is one of the first children to become professionally qualified, gaining a Diploma from the School of Audio Engineering (SAE) College, Chennai. He is currently looking for studio work.

Now a young man, Salmonraju has shown that children born into terrible disadvantage can transform their lives through their own bravery and the love and support of others.

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