Posted by Michelle Davitt

Blog: If you build it, they will come

Read about our experience of building our new website.

For SLA, telling stories has always been at the heart of our website and our work. We’ve used our site to share the stories of the children we’ve helped in India, and of the Indian partners we’ve worked with.

In creating this new site, we’ve given a lot of thought to how, as we develop as an organisation, we continue to keep our website at the core of what we do. We want to use the site tell the evolving tale of all of the people in India and in Scotland who are part of our story, past, present and future.

We’ll use blogs and stories on this new, improved website to give a voice to some of those people, and to empower them to tell their stories in their own words.

To help people access these inspiring accounts, we’ve ensured this new site is more ‘mobile-friendly’ and can be easily viewed on any device. We know people nowadays look at websites on their phones, tablets and ipads as well as on computers, so we’ve ensured our new site is as accessible as possible.

It’s also important to us that the new site has the DNA of our previous site and publications flowing through it. We’ve tried to ensure the ‘branding’ is consistent, using the familiar logo and colours from our previous site, whilst giving the layout a fresh new look.

We spent a lot of time thinking about the ‘site map’ for this new website (how people navigate their way through a website) and hope we’ve made that ‘journey’ through our information clearer and more user-friendly.

We’ve always been very aware of the power of images, and their ability to illustrate and enhance stories, so we’ll also continue to use lots of the vibrant, compelling photographs and images we’ve captured over the years, as well as any new photos that our projects share with us. Many of our fantastic photos have been taken by SLA volunteers on trips to India over the past nineteen years, and beautifully encapsulate their experiences there.

Conscious of the massive amount of resource our volunteers have contributed and continue to provide to SLA, we have been thinking about how we can report on that impressive impact on the website. We want to demonstrate how essential our volunteers are to all that we do, and to share their stories through the new site as well.

We’ve also been investigating some fun and different ways to display information and are hoping to be able to incorporate these on the new site – watch this space!

We’ll be adding to the site as we go, using it to keep long-standing and new supporters and stakeholders up to date on all of our exciting developments as they happen. If you’d like to help us achieve our vision, please look at our volunteering pages to see the many different ways you can get involved and help us to continue to tell the SLA story.