Education System in India

July 2, 2014

The Guardian newspaper reports that increasing numbers of Indians, rich and poor, are paying for schooling. The share of pupils in private education has risen from 28% to 33% in just three years. In rural areas it has almost doubled in eight years, from 16% to 29%.

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Private schools organise classes in tiny rooms, sometimes outside. Even if rain means lessons are cancelled, it is still better than a class without a teacher, as is often the case in state schools where on average teachers are absent one day in five. A “Right to Education” Act, passed in 2010, requires all children aged six to 14 to attend school but pays little attention to what they learn when they are there.After three years 60% of them still cannot read, except for their first name maybe, compared with 54% four years ago.

SLA fully funds the school in Tuni ; our goal is to provide the best start in life so that our children can have optimism in their hearts and benefit from a great start in life. Without education in India you can not find employment or be registered to vote. With the recent news of the 98% 10th Class result pass rate we can do nothing but praise the hard work by all at our school. As for the 2% that didn’t make it, we wish their resits go well!

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