Raise the Roof Appeal Update

January 10, 2015

In September 2013 we launched our first ever Appeal. We reached our target of £50,000 to provide the 20,000 bricks in April 2014 following the incredible response from SLA supporters.
We are delighted to announce that the building of the new accomodation block for 100 boys has been completed and was officially opened by the February 2015 Volunteer Group.

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We then gave our Indian Partners the go-ahead to begin building work for the urgently needed accommodation block to provide five bedrooms within our main campus for 100 of the youngest boys aged 3-10. Until the accommodation block was built our Indian partners had to temporarily house the boys in the dining hall in response to an intolerable increase in safety risks.

Raising the roof

After the enormous support for raise the roof the dream of building the boys’ accommodation in the main compound became a reality. As soon as our Indian Partners were given the go ahead they began looking at how best to meet the boys’ needs.

The original plan was to build a new floor above the dining hall however a second opinion from another engineer revealed that the foundations were not strong enough to support a second floor indefinitely. New supports would need to be installed and this would divide the area making it unsuitable as a dining hall. Therefore a different design was considered which still used the same building but allowed them to make the necessary changes to make a two story building viable.

The  boys accomodation block will now be on the ground floor, with beams to strengthen the foundations of the floor above, where the dining room will be relocated. This design means that the building can be used as planned and there will be no encroachment on the space where the children play.

June 2014 – The work has already started but due to the extreme heat in India through May & June the work has been slower and there has been sand shortage which has delayed things further. However the sand has now been sourced and the temperature is reducing, a’ balmy’ 39 The pillars and cross beams are already constructed and the actual roof will be raised and in place at the next stage.

August 2014 – We can now report that all the internal walls, designed to create the bedrooms and provide the strengthening foundations necessary to build an upper floor are completed. These have been tested and declared capable of supporting a further floor above which will be the new dining room.

On the upper floor, the pillars to support the roof are completed and the slab roof has been erected, so the roof has literally been raised!

The Bamboo scaffolding, an Indian version of our metal poles, has now been removed; always a good sign in any building work in any country, and the walls are in the process of being built to create the new eating space for the children.

January 2015 – Juggling the move of the Dining Hall to the upper floor of the new Dormitory Block has made this a more complicated build than first anticipated.

The good news is that the boys have moved in and are “camping out” in their new bedrooms whilst the final changes are made.
In the very near future the floor of the dining room will be laid and tiled and as soon as the Dining Room is ready for action, work will begin on building the toilets for the boys as these are to be sited in the area currently used to wash the dishes! The ultimate plan is to retain the kitchen in its present location and to use a ‘dummy waiter’ lift to transport food to the new Dining Hall.

March 2015 – We are delighted to announce that the building of the new accomodation block for 100 boys has been completed and was officially opened by the February 2015 Volunteer Group.

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