Tom Fleming Legacy

May 20, 2014

A legacy left to SLA by Tom Fleming, SLA’s Patron from 2000-2010, will help to build a new medical centre in Tuni.

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The Health Care which SLA funds for over 500 children in our Home in Tuni is provided by Dr Sowmya who lives at the Home. The existing Medical Clinic is currently run from a single room with very basic facilities and for many years we have wanted to raise funds to provide a medical clinic with improved facilities for Dr Sowmya and her team. In addition, our Indian Partner has for some time wanted to raise funds to make medical services available to the poor people in the wider community in Tuni who have very limited access to safe and affordable Health Care.

Following detailed discussions and investigations with our Indian Partner we decided that the most rational solution to deal with both aims would be to build a new Medical Centre with the dual purpose of improving the facilities for the children at the Home and meeting the needs of the wider community. Working together we created a proposal to establish a Medical Centre of this kind, agreeing to build it in a phased approach when we and they had obtained the necessary funding.

Proposed Phases

PHASE 1 – SLA would establish the Phase 1 of the dual purpose Medical Centre which would initially meet the needs of the children at the Home only. However it would be built in such a way that the Phase 2 of the Medical Centre could be added on by our Indian Partner when funding became available to them from sources other than SLA.

PHASE 2 – Our Indian Partners will further develop the Medical Centre to enable them to provide services to the wider community. Some of these facilities will provide additional medical facilities to the children at the Home.

To date SLA has not been in a financial position to establish Phase 1 of the Medical Centre. The urgent need for a new dormitory block for 100 of the younger boys at the Home last year took priority, resulting in SLA running its first ever Appeal, “Raise the Roof” which we are delighted to report has now reached its target and building has commenced.

However, to our surprise and delight we have been informed from the lawyers of our late Patron, Tom Fleming that his estate is now settled and SLA has received a very generous legacy.

Tom was passionate about the work of SLA and was our first and only Patron to date from 2000 until his death in 2010. In his typically generous way, Tom had decided to have no conditions attached to his gift, giving the Trustees freedom to use it where they felt it could be put to the best use for the children.

Therefore, we are delighted to be able to give our supporters the good news that because of Tom’s loving legacy we are now in a position to fund Phase 1 of the new Medical Centre. Our Indian Partner is now trying to obtain funding for Phase 2 from other sources, including the possibility of Indian Government grants but will not be receiving funding from SLA as this part of the project, with the wider community is out with the terms of SLA’s objectives in its Articles of Association.

With Tom’s gift in phase 1 of the project we will be able to provide:

  • A waiting area
  • Consulting room
  • Treatment room
  • Isolation room
  • Two 5 bedded rooms
  • Pharmacy
  • Laboratory
  • Bathrooms

Having these facilities will make such a difference to the work of Dr. Sowmya and her team and improve the facilities for the children. We are all delighted that with Tom’s gift we can start this exciting project. On behalf of our Indian Partner and all of the SLA team we cannot thank Tom enough for this wonderful, loving gift.

Building Progress Report

August 2014 Construction has started for Phase 1 of the Medical Centre; the foundations have been dug and the main pillars that will support the Centre have been been built and are completed.

January 2015 The work on Phase 1 of the Centre continues and the roof, outside and internal walls are already up; next they plan to lay the floors and start the tiling.

There will be an opening in February but the Medical Centre will not be fully operational to receive patients until May or June 2015.

In only a few short months the medical care will go from being based in a small ‘hut’ to a newly built ‘fit for purpose’ clinic; a wonderful legacy from Tom Fleming and so in keeping with his life and philosophy.

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