Sun Choir CD & DVD


Sun Choir is a full-length album written for and featuring the children of the Light of Love Children’s Home by Edinburgh based art-pop collective, MARRAM.

Sun Choir features contributions from Jarvis Cocker, doseone (Anticon), Owen Pallett (Arcade Fire), White Hinterland and Scottish folk singer Margaret Bennett, alongside specially composed lyrics by Scottish writers and poets, including Irvine Welsh, Alexander McCall Smith, Valerie Gillies, and Tom Leonard.

The ‘Sagrada Familia’ of post-rave art pop, Sun Choir is an explosive and maximalist mesh of choirs, orchestras and drums featuring more than 1000 voices, musicians, and singers from around the world.

You will receive a complimetary DVD of the 70 minute film Everything is New with your Sun Choir CD.
Everything is New is a 70-minute magical feature film starring the children of the Light of Love Children’s Home.

Irvine Welsh is the film’s Executive Producer and Narrator.

The film sets out to create an empowering new fable for the children of the Light of Love Children’s home, where children defy adults and prevailing orthodoxies to bring change and renewal to a dying society.

Mark Cousins has described the film as ‘an inspiring movie about the turning of the earth and the play of children. It tells a mythic story of togetherness, peril and hope. It is a valuable film and a memorable one’.