The Light of Love Children’s Home and School

LLCH provides vulnerable children with a home and an education.

Light of Love Children’s Home (LLCH) feeds, clothes, houses, educates and provides medical care for children who are either orphans or whose relatives cannot support them. LLCH is located in the market town of Tuni in Andhra Pradesh state.

Our partners in LLCH are grassroots NGOs the Nazareth Education Society (NES) and the Nazareth Association for Social Awareness (NASA).

The mission of LLCH is to care for the children and provide them with a quality education and life-skills to help them achieve their full potential. In turn, this will help them to escape the poverty trap and decide their future for themselves – for example, see the story of Salmonraju.

Our Lighting Candles in India film provides a great insight into the lives of the children at LLCH in their own words.

As India evolves, so our relationship with LLCH has evolved over almost 20 years. Policy developments, including increased government support for vulnerable children, and changes in LLCH itself, have led to a decrease in the number of children requiring support. This has led to a gradual withdrawal from the partnership and SLA’s funding of LLCH will be discontinued by October 2019.

SLA will always treasure fond memories of it’s roots under the trees in Tuni, and we wish our partners there all the best as they progress to an independent future.

Change is inevitable after nearly two decades and SLA’s work transforming children’s lives continues through our other partnerships, and through exploring new opportunities to help vulnerable children in India.

Some of the children at school at LLCH

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Children's Stories

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