Durga Devi

Durga Devi was abandoned in Bangalore station, hundreds of miles from home

ASRITHA Rainbow Home

Durga Devi’s father died when she was very young. In March 2018, when she was 11 years old, her mother took her from Hyderabad to Bangalore, seeking support from Durga Devi’s grandmother. The visit went badly and after just two days they left to return to Hyderabad.  But at Bangalore railway station Durga Devi’s mother abandoned her. Durga Devi was found by the railway police and referred to the ASRITHA Rainbow Home. She had no idea where her mother was.

The ASRITHA staff work hard to maintain links and relationships with children’s families and so they took Durga Devi to her old address but the house was locked up and neighbours didn’t know where her mother had gone. Staff made another visit and after further searching found her mother living on the streets and unable to care for her daughter.

At first, Durga Devi was not interested in education and unable to focus. She was far behind her peers and could only read and write a few letters of the Telugu alphabet. After receiving the Rainbow Homes ‘education bridge course’ every day her learning significantly improved.  She can now read and write Telugu letters. She is also very active, and particularly likes to dance.

This story is real. In accordance with Indian and Scottish regulations and recommendations, names and/or photos have been changed to protect identity and to respect confidentiality.

Photo of Durga Durga