After working as an unpaid housemaid for years, Laxmi was thrown onto the streets

Light of Love Children’s Home

Laxmi’s parents died when she was very young. She was from a very young age forced to work as a housemaid, passed between three different families. She cleaned floors and fetched water, slept in hallways and never received any payment.

When the last family went to Dubai, they threw Laxmi onto the streets. Luckily she was found and brought to the Light of Love Children’s Home.

She had had no schooling and her first year was very difficult.  She could not socialise with the other children and was very angry.  Thanks to the care, attention and love of the staff and children at LLCH, she is now very happy and settled. She likes to look after the younger children and is very caring with them.

This story is real. In accordance with Indian and Scottish regulations and recommendations, names and/or photos have been changed to protect identity and to respect confidentiality.

Photo of Sita