Jyothi lost her parents when she was at a very young age due to health issues.

ASRITHA Rainbow Home

Jyothi’s parents died when she was very young.  After her parents passed away Jyothi lived with her aunt in a hut, in a very precarious and unsafe environment. No one was taking care of her and she gradually stopped going to school, until she completely dropped out.  Jyothi roamed the streets, begging and ‘rag-picking’ with her aunt.  She was rescued by a Childline team member and the Child Welfare Committee referred Jyothi to ASRITHA Rainbow Home in 2018.

During the first holiday period that Jyothi was at ASRITHA, she went to visit her aunt but didn’t come back to the Home; she had returned to wandering the streets, at great risk of all kinds of exploitation. The ASRITHA social worker arranged to meet Jyothi and her aunt. They talked about the importance of staying in school for Jyothi’s future; and the care and support ASRITHA could offer to help keep Jyothi safe.  After talking more separately with her aunt, Jyothi thought about what she wanted and returned to ASRITHA.

The ASRITHA team work hard to link with communities and families like Jyothis, helping them to understand the importance of education, stability and protection for children; this is the foundation they need to help them grow towards a brighter future.

The story listed above is real. In accordance with Indian and Scottish regulations and recommendations, identifiers have been changed to protect identity and to respect confidentiality.

Photo of Jyothi