Jyothi lost her parents when she was at a very young age due to health issues.

ASRITHA Rainbow Home

She has two elder brothers, one brother working at a tent house and the other brother is studying.  After her parents passed away she lives with her aunt in a hut without safety and protection.  As nobody took care of her she gradually attended school less frequently until she completely dropped out.  Instead she would roam the streets and was involved in begging and picking rag along with her aunt.  She was rescued by a Childline 1098 team member and the Child Welfare Committee Hyderabad referred Jyothi to ASRITHA Rainbow Home in 2018.

During the December holidays Jyothi went home for a visit but did not return as she likes to roam in the neighbourhood.  In February 2019, the social worker from the Home went to meet her and her aunt discussing her delayed return to the Home, the importance of her education and her future.  After independent discussions with her aunt, Jyothi returned to live at the Home later in the month.

The story listed above is real. In accordance with Indian and Scottish regulations and recommendations, identifiers have been changed to protect identity and to respect confidentiality.

Photo of Jyothi