Ruksana has ambitions for the fashion industry

When Ruksana was just 7, both her parents became seriously ill with HIV and subsequently died. Ruksana and her two older sisters were taken in by Elliot Road Rainbow Home in Kolkata.

Ruksana is now 18 and graduated from high school last year. She is passionate about becoming a fashion designer and with the help of the Livelihoods Project has enrolled in a one-year course in clothes-making course at Apparel Training and Design Centre in Kolkata.

She recently moved out of the Rainbow Home and is enjoying living in a rented flat near her college with four other Livelihoods Project girls. As well as helping her with living expenses and tuition fees, the project is working with Ruksana to find more training and work opportunities and supporting her with life-skills training. Ruksana has so much potential to create the future she wants and the Livelihoods Project will help her get there.

Ruksana says: “Both of my sisters got married and are not doing anything apart from housework. I have seen their struggle and decided to become independent in life. I will take up a job in the garment sector after completing my course and will also continue my studies.