Sarika was orphaned when her father was killed in a train accident

Light of Love Children’s Home

Her mother had died from chicken pox and her father was bringing her up. They were on a train together when her father stepped off to get some water. As the train started to move, her father slipped and was killed instantly.

A government official, a fellow passenger, took care of Sarika and she was brought to the Light of Love Children’s Home. A maternal aunt has been found but she cannot look after Sarika.

Despite this traumatic event, Sarika has settled very well.  She has been at the Home for two years. She is quiet but not shy and whatever she is taught, she absorbs.  She listens intently and her teacher thinks she is absolutely excellent! She is very affectionate and has made good friends.

This story is real. In accordance with Indian and Scottish regulations and recommendations, names and/or photos have been changed to protect identity and to respect confidentiality.

Photo of Stella