Bake a Little Love

Go on… Bake you heart out and raise funds for SLA vital work.

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No one enjoys anything more than home baking so why not help spead a little love to SLA’s Homes in India by holding a Bake a Little Love event. Just organise a Bake a Little Love event, bake cakes or cookies with a heart theme and invite friends round to share your heart shaped delights. Other bakers like to take their baking to sell at their local playgroup, golf club or church instead of hosting it in their houses, it’s up to you.

To help you get going we will give you a heart-shaped cookie cutter with your starter pack. You can also download our Bake a Little Love Recipes and learn how to make:

  • Valentine’s Day Hearts
  • Raspberry White Chocolate Shortbreads
  • Chocolate Krispie Hearts
  • I-Love-You Scones

How to Get Started

Contact the SLA Office to request a Bake a Little Love starter pack (which includes flyers, cookie cutter, invites, recipes, invites and a donation form) and we will send one to you.

Alternatively if you are able, download the Bake a Little Love Recipes and print them off yourself, this will save SLA the printing costs. If you do get your resources this way do remember to contact us so we can send you your free cookie cutter.

Organise a free slot a week or so in advance and send out your Bake a Little Love Invitations for an Bake a Little Love tea party.

Flick through the recipes we’ve sent you or be original and choose a couple of your own and organise the ingredients you will need. Remember to have plenty of pink food colouring and sprinkles for that extra sweet touch.

Take the phone off the hook, put your cheesy love songs CD on, wash your hands, and bake your heart out! If you have children or grand-children who want to help even better, make it into a baking party, the more the merrier.

Organise your delicious treats onto plates and enjoy with your friends. You can either ask them all to make a donation for sampling your tasty baking or set a price per item. They may even like to buy a little bag of goodies to take away. Other bakers like to take their culinery delights to sell at their local playgroup, golf club or church instead of hosting it in their houses, it’s up to you.

Complete your Bake a Little Love Donation Form and send a cheque to SLA for the amount raised.

Give yourself a big pat-on-the back for helping spread a little love to the children of SLA.

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