FEEDME Challenge

Help our partners in India nourish the children they support.

You can help us tackle malnutrition in India

One in five Indian children suffer from ‘wasting’, caused by being severely underweight and malnourished. This adversely affects their physical and mental development. Our partners care for many children who have been malnourished. Through the SLA ‘FEEDME Challenge’, you can help children like Anusha (see her story below) by:

  • Texting FEEDME to 70140.
  • This sets up a monthly donation of £3 to SLA.
  • Which provides 18 meals every month to children we support.
  • (You are welcome to donate more if you would like to).
  • You can also set up a monthly donation online here.

Anusha’s Story

Anusha was born in 2008 and lives at the ASRITHA Rainbow Home. Her father passed away when she was very young. Her mother has severe mental health problems; after her husband died, she moved to Hyderabad and lived on the streets with Anusha. They would beg together to survive and Anusha was not enrolled in school.

Anusha was very underweight and malnourished when she arrived at ASRITHA Rainbow Home. She was given a lot of care and support to adjust to her new life, as well as a nutritious diet and her health and wellbeing is improving. The Home did organise a family visit (they work hard to maintain links and relationships with children’s families) but sadly Anusha’s mother had no memory of her daughter.

However, Anusha has settled well in the home; she is now able to socialise with the other children and is gaining confidence. She is showing a keen interest in education and is learning to write.

A life transformed, through nurturing care from Rainbow Homes, facilitated by kind and generous SLA donors.

Terms and Conditions

Join SLA subscription program for £3 per month. Charity receives 100%. Cost £3 per month until you reply with a “STOP” text. Call customer care on 0131 629 9112. Charity No SCO30516. Your subscription text will cost your standard network rate and your first donation of £3 will be taken within 24 hours.

India has the highest number of child labourers aged 6-14 years in the world. Child labour in India exceeds 90 million, excluding children in domestic labour