Rice Relay Challenge

Whole schools or organisations can join in with this one sponsorship event.

Rice is the main food for millions of people in the world. For many it is their only food; breakfast, lunch and tea. Not only is it the main food but often it is also the main source of income. Rice is grown all over South East Asia. Farmers (who may only have one field) sell the rice to local dealers and sustain their families with the small amounts of money they receive.

Many of the children SLA have supported over the years have come from this farming background. When the rice crop fails, or the parents become ill, no rice is produced and poverty and destitution beckon.

Contact us for more information, or to sign up to the fantastic ‘Rice Relay Challenge’ for your class or school.

Before you do the rice relay you could ask children in your class or school to research the importance of rice to people around the world, how and where it is grown, and so on. See if they can imagine what it would be like to have rice to eat for every meal!

In India, poor sanitation and hygiene translate into an estimated 1000 children under five years of age dying from diarrhoea every day