Livelihoods Project

Life-skills, training and mentoring to build brighter futures

Unlocking young people’s potential

We are supporting the Livelihoods Project, working in partnership with Rainbow Homes.

Rainbow Homes as an organisation houses, cares for and rehabilitates street children across India, enabling them to receive an education and improve their life chances. Once these children reach 18 they move out of the Homes into a variety of hostels and group living.

The transition from home to independent adult life can be difficult for young people: imagine how much harder it would be without the support of your family. This is a critical time for young people leaving the care and support of Rainbow Homes. This is the moment they spread their wings and embrace adulthood. For some the obvious next step is higher education, but what happens to the less academic; those whose interests and abilities are more practical?

They too deserve a chance: this is where the Livelihoods Project comes in.

The difference we will make

Over the next 12 months, this project aims to transform the lives of 600 boys and girls leaving Rainbow Homes across 3 selected cities: Hyderabad, Kolkata and Bangalore. The Livelihoods Project will ensure that less academic young people get the support and training they need to put them on a level playing field with other young people as they enter adulthood.

The Livelihood Project provides two things: Life Skills and Vocational Training. This support takes place in two phases: for young people aged 16 to 18 whilst they are still living in Rainbow Homes and from 19 to 23, when they move on to living independently in small groups or hostels.

  • Life Skills: the Rainbow team work with each young person to develop an individual ‘Life Plan’ identifying areas of interest and aptitude so they can begin to plan their futures. They are prepared for life as independent adults through workshops covering topics such as decision making, communication and managing money.
  • Vocational Training: is identified for each individual and courses selected which are also funded by the project in, for example, mobile phone repair, health and beauty or mechanics. They are then assisted in writing CVs, with interview skills and finding a job. Work experience and training opportunities are arranged wherever possible in the young person’s chosen field.

This tailored approach aims to have a life-long impact, equipping these young people with the skills and knowledge they need to take control of their futures and ensure they reach their full potential.

Why your support matters

Navigating the challenges of growing up without the support of a family is very difficult. Rainbow Homes strive to be that family for their children and young people throughout their lives: the Livelihoods Project continues that person-centred care and support as they move into young adulthood.

How you can help

A donation of £10 will enable a young person to access 6 ‘job-readiness’ sessions, preparing them for the world of work and giving them the confidence to make their own decisions.

A donation of £18 goes towards paying for a young person to access a vocational course or training to enable them to find a job, empowering them to build a better future for themselves.

Please help if you can, to change young lives forever, by making a donation.

Investing in adolescents could break entrenched cycles of poverty and inequity. Caste, gender, poverty and location continue to pose barriers for many young people to realize their full potential.


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