Pip's Indian Adventures

Pip's Indian Adventures

Bring your child on an Indian Adventure with Pip the Squirrel

A year’s worth of fun and learning with Pip the Red Squirrel! For only £8 per month this is an ideal gift for inquisitive and adventurous primary school aged children. You and your child will track your travels with Pip on a giant poster map as you learn fascinating facts about vibrant India, its people, culture, food and exotic animals. At the same time your donation will empower vulnerable children and young people in India to change their lives.

Pip's Indian Adventures

What will you receive?

Kicking off with a giant map, your child joins Pip as they adventure around India from the comfort of their own home. Each month Pip will send an Adventure Pack filled with personalised postcards, stickers, fun-facts and activities through your letterbox. Your child can then share all they discover with friends and family by sending their very own Indian Adventures postcard.

Ready, steady, go!

1. Sign up

Set up your £8 monthly donation and choose who’s joining Pip on their Indian Adventure by personalising your gift.

2. The fun begins

Pip will send your child a giant map to track their adventures together, and their first month’s Adventure Pack.

3. Embark on Pip’s Indian Adventures

Where will your child go with Pip? This month, they might meet tigers in the mangrove forests, bump into cheeky monkeys at the Taj Mahal or learn how to say ‘Hello’ in Hindi!

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Did you know it took 22,000 men to build the Taj Mahal