Volunteers’ Week Blog: Sarah Swaroop

It’s #VolunteersWeekScot! Read about Sarah’s journey as a Trustee with Scottish Love in Action.

Meet Sarah, a dedicated volunteer and Board Trustee at Scottish Love in Action since March 2023. Sarah plays a crucial role in supporting Scottish Love in Action’s mission to improve the lives of children in India. Her strategic decision-making and expertise in outreach is invaluable to our organisation.

Read about Sarah’s experience as a volunteer below:

“Volunteering for Scottish Love in Action (SLA) has been a valuable and fulfilling experience. I have served as a Board Trustee since March 2023, combining my professional background in communications and marketing with my commitment to humanitarian causes.

My involvement with SLA stemmed from a desire to contribute meaningfully to the lives of children in India. With over 15 years of experience in leadership roles within communications, marketing, public affairs, and advocacy, I saw an opportunity to apply my skills in support of SLA’s mission. In my role, I engage in strategic decision-making, provide governance, and leverage my communications and marketing expertise to enhance our outreach.

What I appreciate most about volunteering for SLA is the sense of purpose it provides. SLA’s mission to support vulnerable children in India aligns with my values and my own experience, having spent four years living and working in India myself. I am very familiar with the need in India, and also the impact that programmes like SLA’s can and do make on countless lives.

Being part of a dedicated team is rewarding – the collaborative environment among the trustees, staff, and volunteers is remarkable, and it contributes significantly to our efforts. It was wonderful to see this in action at the annual Fireworks display last year. Volunteering for SLA also offers opportunities for personal and professional growth. It has allowed me to develop new skills, engage with diverse stakeholders, and contribute to projects that align with my own professional expertise. It is important to me to be able to use my experience to support an organisation dedicated to making a real difference in the world, and supporting SLA has been a great way to put that into action.

In summary, my time with Scottish Love in Action has been enriching. Serving as a Board Trustee is an honour, and I am grateful for the chance to contribute. Volunteering for SLA is about participating in a larger mission to create lasting positive change, and that is something I am deeply proud to be involved in.”

Thank you for all your support, Sarah!