Blog: Being the Change

Volunteers talk about their experience with SLA.

SLA began with volunteering. We couldn’t continue to achieve what we do without our many volunteers. We asked one of our long-term volunteers and one of our newbies to tell us about volunteering with SLA in their own words.

Venetia Thomson told us:

 ‘I have been involved in a small way with SLA since its inception in 1999, but since I retired I have been to India to visit a project and volunteered within the office. Tasks in the office vary, from tidying up the database, preparing for the fireworks (which means much coordinating of volunteers and preparing lanyards and signage for the event) to stuffing envelopes.

It suits me perfectly, as the hours required are variable on both sides. Having volunteers has been essential to SLA over the years, as the staff are freed up to do their jobs and we can help with more mundane admin stuff. There is a good camaraderie amongst the volunteers and staff, which also makes volunteering a pleasant experience.

It means that so much more of the money raised goes to India where it is desperately needed.’

Julie Ridge also shared her experience:

‘When relocating to Edinburgh, I was able to find out about Scottish Love in Action and was immediately impressed with the incredible work they do to support vulnerable children and youth in India. I applied to be a volunteer and found the staff to be accommodating and understanding of how my skills could be applied to the work they do. I am grateful and proud to say that now I have been volunteering for over six months.

After meeting the warm, friendly staff, it was clear for me to see where the heart and passion comes from that drives the charity. Everyone is truly dedicated to the cause and they immediately made me feel part of the team with something important to contribute. My ideas have always been received and considered with respect, and it has been a great experience for me to understand how a small charity can make such an impact in an international context.

What has impressed me most is the recognition given to volunteers from the charity. Scottish Love in Action genuinely appreciate the hard work and time that volunteers willingly give, and they go out of their way to take the time to thank the volunteers in person. I was happy to attend an event this year where they did just that, and not only did they make me feel appreciated as a volunteer, but I also had the opportunity to meet other volunteers and speak to the founder of the charity.

If you want to make a difference, volunteering at Scottish Love in Action is a rewarding experience and your contribution will be warmly received.’

If you’d like to get in on the (Scottish Love in) volunteering Action (!) please get in touch.