Eesha felt trapped by myths surrounding menstruation, though she now feels unrestricted, strong and confident as a woman. 

VOICE 4 Girls “Camper”

With her passion for helping others, Eesha aspired to become a lawyer one day. However, when she started getting her period, her mother told her to isolate for days at a time, which meant she had to miss critical days at school.

Alongside her career aspirations, Eesha wanted to excel as a dancer, since dance was a hobby that brought her so much joy! Though she was worried that her mother would soon stop her dance lessons.

She started to resent being a girl, and the restrictions it placed upon her.

She couldn’t have been more thankful for the Parichay camp at VOICE 4 Girls, where she got to discuss the many situations where girls are stopped from reaching their dreams. The camp exposed the myths about menstruation, myths that caused her parents to feel a great deal of shame surrounding the topic. She learnt how periods are a normal and natural process, and that they shouldn’t hold you back from doing the work and hobbies you love.

Thanks to VOICE, and the information she passed on to her parents, Eesha is no longer held back, and can stride confidently towards her goals, no matter the time of month!

She has also spread awareness about periods among her friends and sisters, so that they, too, feel unrestricted, strong and confident as a woman.

This story is real. In accordance with Indian and Scottish regulations and recommendations, names and/or photos have been changed to protect identity and to respect confidentiality.

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