Ishan is looking to the future

After his dad left the family when he was 5, Ishan’s mum tried her best to support him and his brothers and sisters – but with no education or previous work experience, she was forced to beg on the streets and couldn’t provide for the children. Ishan and his siblings came to the Ummeed Rainbow Home in Delhi in 2007.

Now 18, Ishan is completing his final exams. He moved from the Rainbow Home in Delhi to Bangalore at the start of this year to live in a shared flat with other Rainbow Home boys. They’re getting to experience living independently, while benefitting from the support of the Livelihoods Project.

Rainbow Homes have good connections in Bangalore (hence the move) for entry-level jobs and Ishan has managed to secure some part-time delivery work to supplement his living costs whilst he studies.

Ishan hopes to become a videographer and the Livelihoods Project has helped him gain a place on a one-year Videography course. The project’s help with tuition fees and living expenses means Ishan can concentrate on making his dreams a reality.

Ishan says: “I want to unleash my potential and I know if given the needed support and resources, I can be a very good videographer.

Please note, names have been changes to protect confidentiality.