Meera has found her niche in healthcare

Meera travelled to Hyderabad with her father to help him attend a hospital appointment. Sadly, in the vast city of 10 million people they became separated. Meera was found wandering and taken in by ASRITHA Rainbow Home who despite their best efforts were not able to reunite her with her father.  Where might she have ended up had she not been rescued?

With the support of Rainbow Homes Meera entered education but found academic life very challenging and failed her 10th year exams. In India these are vital; they are the recognised qualifications required for further study.

This is where the Livelihoods Project came in. The team at Rainbow home worked with Meera to develop her ‘Life Plan’ and through this she determined that ideally she would like to work in the medical field but had no idea of what she would be capable of. The major problem was that she had no qualifications.

Livelihood’s Project identified and helped her apply for a 3 month vocational course at Yashoda Hospital in Secunderabad. At the same time they helped her prepare for life outside the home, making sure she understood how to budget, cook, look after her clothes and open a bank account.

Meera worked very hard on her course, impressing  the hospital staff who offered her a position as a Trainee Health Care Assistant at Yashoda Hospital. With Rainbow Home’s support she also found the confidence to re-sit her 10th grade exams which she has now passed!

Future Goals
Meera is now 20, enjoying life, living independently and delighted that she has found an area of work which she loves and will support her in building her own independent future.

She now has the confidence to look forward and explore other opportunities. She plans to complete a ‘Multi-Purpose Health Worker Course’ which she can do whilst working. She is still being supported by the Livelihood team and they will continue to help ensure that she can have the future she deserves.




Please note, names have been changed to protect confidentiality.