A goodnight’s sleep is so important, yet only a few hours sleep each night became a norm for little Navya.

ASRITHA Rainbow Home

A goodnight’s sleep is so critical for development in childhood, yet getting only a few hours sleep each night became a norm for little Navya.

It was a constant battle that she had no choice but to face during India’s rainy season, when she’d get woken up by rainwater coming through the roof. Navya’s Mother and Grandmother simply didn’t have the money, or access to the resources to replace the holey tar sheets that formed their home.

Often exhausted during this season, Navya struggled to pay attention in class. Even though she loved to learn, her poor health and energy levels eventually forced her to drop out of school. She felt helpless.

A social worker from the Rainbow Home, our partner programme, came across Navya walking around her village, looking tired and unwell. They chatted about her circumstances, and approached Navya’s family. Navya’s family were relieved to learn that Navya could move to a more comfortable home, and continue her education.

We believe in supporting equity in education, and this is something that our partner programme does so well. In providing a stable base, a springboard from which young people can reach for the stars, Navya could move forward from the setbacks she’d experienced earlier in life.

After joining the home, Navya could get the sleep she needed to focus on her studies, as well as professional medical attention for the health issues she was experiencing.

She wanted to become the best version of herself, and that meant committing to living a healthy lifestyle, and encouraging other children in the home to do the same.

Navya was so grateful to have a choice, and to have agency, when it came to her health. The home allowed her to work up to National 5 level, and she now has so much hope for the future.

This story is real. In accordance with Indian and Scottish regulations and recommendations, names and/or photos have been changed to protect identity and to respect confidentiality.

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