Rahul’s sporting dreams

Rahul and his mum were living hand-to-mouth, begging on the streets of Delhi. Rahul’s mum wanted him to get an education and didn’t want him to have to live on the streets, so he came to the Ummeed Rainbow Home in Delhi at the age of 7.

Now aged 20, he is preparing for his final exams while successfully completing Livelihoods Projects workshops in Spoken English and Personality Development. He has a part-time job as a food delivery person to help with his expenses.

He moved from Delhi to Bangalore at the start of the year and is living in a shared flat with other Rainbow Home boys.

Rahul would love to become a sports coach and with the help of the Livelihood Project he’s looking for the right course in Physiotherapy and Sports Training to help him fulfil his potential.

Rahul says: “I am passionate about athletics and with the support and guidance of my mentors, I aspire to be a great sports trainer.

Please note, names have been changed to protect confidentiality.