Given the right opportunities and training, Naina will be able to work in her chosen field.

Naina was rescued from a life on the streets of Delhi when she was 7 years old and has been living at  the Rainbow Home there ever since.

She is a very bright and cheery young student who enjoys and has a talent for drawing.  She won a drawing competition at Tansen Sangeet Institute Delhi which really boosted her confidence in her own abilities. Now she would like to pursue a career in drawing.

Naina is now 17 years old and is enrolled in 12th class. She has undergone different training courses in Basic Computers, Graphic Design, Communicative English classes all of which are giving her the confidence to converse in English, develop her skills and some experience as to what area she might like to work in the future.

The Livelihood Programme will offer Naina expert guidance and support to access different work experiences and higher education courses so as to further develop her skills and expose her to different styles, techniques and the current demands in her chosen field.

Given the right opportunities and training, she can grow to become a talented artist.